MultiBank Technology Bridge

Integration of trade transfer plug-in completes our offering where client trades are directly STP’ed to omnibus account of the broker under our group companies. From integration to training to daily support, our bridge service team provides support & consultancy to all broker clients round the clock.

Bridge Fees and Requirements Bridge:

  • Bridge Setup fee is free of charge.
  • User needs to sign an NDA to receive the Bridge EXECUTION

Parallel Processing– MultiBank Bridge is able to process up to 24 simultaneous trades per second. The bridge is fully capable of handling surge of order flow originating from signals generated by EAs or takes place around economic announcements.

Partial Closing of Orders– Trades executed through the MultiBank Bridge can be closed either completely or partially. The ability to partially close a position is beneficial not only to those running EAs but also to traders whose money management strategy relies on this option— any broker offering this feature will be more attractive to these types of traders.

Partial Fill– MetaTrader4 by default does not allow partial fills but this shortcoming is overcome by MultiBank Bridge which enables brokers to fill their clients partially. This feature allows brokers with customers trading large size tickets to get filled partially on their orders where the remaining part is either cancelled or pending as a separate order.

Market Depth– MultiBank Bridge fills customer orders according to the available market depth by the aggregated liquidity providers and allows the broker to offer higher max amount per click without getting caught in the market.

Multiple Liquidity Providers– MultiBank Bridge receives the best bid/best offer price aggregated by 20 major bank liquidity providers.

Additional Order Types– MultiBank Bridge fully supports the ―close by‖ order type. This order is primarily used by traders with hedged positions. When closing a hedged trade using the ―Close By‖ option, a trader avoids paying an additional spread to liquidate the position.

Multiple Feeds– the MultiBank Bridge supports multiple price feeds simultaneously giving you the opportunity to create multiple symbols/spreads for different maximum lot sizes.

Product Variety– MultiBank Bridge supports FX currency pairs, Streaming month end NDF products and CFDs.

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