Reliable Hosting

MultiBank’s IT systems are serviced out of multiple data centers across the world. They run on an active-active mode allowing high availability as well as automatic and seamless failover. Market connectivity and data feeds are supported by redundant connections just as all data, be it clients, orders or trades are mirrored in real-time between the data centers.

MultiBank’s servers are directly interlinked to multiple providers like Tier1 banks, non-bank Liquidity Providers and MTFs, cross-connected via fibre optic cables within the Equinix datacentres in New York and London (NY4 and LD4). Rather than a conventional internet connection, direct connections via Optical Fibre enable order routing at the lowest latency possible.


In order to support a continuous increase in customers and client trading activity, MultiBank’s systems run on load-balanced server farms and are built to scale horizontally. In addition, MultiBank’s servers are scaled with ample headroom to cater for peak activity.

Data Centers

MultiBank uses state-of-the-art data centers in the US (LD4), London (NY4) and Hong Kong (HK3). The data centers are fully equipped with contemporary environmental security measures and operate resilient physical security procedures. The data centers undergo yearly audits.

Trading Tools