Sales and Marketing Support

MultiBank shares a wide range of sales and marketing materials with its partners including, but not limited to:

  • Products materials (Sales Kits, product training videos)
  • Platform videos to promote the platforms
  • Platform tutorials to coach partner’s employees and their customers
  • Content for website, imagery and widgets
  • Website optimisation tools and techniques
  • Marketing campaigns

In a disclosed partner set-up, the partner is obliged to communicate clearly, at all times that customers are fully disclosed and introduced to MultiBank, relevant subsidiary or affiliate.

MultiBank communicates legal information to all its customers and distributes regular customer email notifications ensuring compliance with legal obligations.


MultiBank hosts annual seminars aimed at Senior Executives or Sales & Marketing professionals. For both audiences, we provide an opportunity for partners to network with peers and professionals from other banks and brokers, share experience, discuss challenges and brainstorm about possible solutions.

The events focus on equipping partners with insights, tools and ideas to help drive revenue and growth covering topics such as latest industry trends, new product releases and platform enhancements and partner success stories.

Trading Tools