Technology overview

MultiBank Exchange Group safeguards clients’ trading with proprietary and industry-standard security measures like firewalls, web and email gateways, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and patch management.

We continuously update our software to identify and address any possible security weakness.

Powerful Trading Technologies

MultiBank’s platform is hosted on a dedicated server in the US, and is supported by a backup of fully redundant, carrier-class IT infrastructure to ensure consistent and seamless infrastructure. Our Partners can enjoy speedy execution by connecting to liquidity providers directly through a dedicated fiber connection and allows for our platform to handle over half a million orders per day by easily processing thousands of orders simultaneously.

Matching Engine

MultiBank’s powerful matching engine is built for speed and efficiency. It is a highly scalable, multi‐thread, java application that uses advanced queuing and data processing technologies to provide the most robust order book generation. The structure is based on asynchronous data enrichment logic, which allows the system to manage multiple jobs on the same data instance in parallel.

Online Application

Price discovery and order routing are the keys to liquidity and volume. Without efficient pricing and delivery, a fair and orderly market is impossible. The trade and price delivery system which will be used on our platform is market‐tested and is also utilized on Exchanges and ECNs worldwide. Whether for a small retail trader working at home or an international trading firm, MultiBank has proven product innovation, delivering hundreds of prices and orders in milliseconds.

Trading Tools